Parenting Support

We offer parenting assistance to address these issues and more. Our parenting assistance to you comes from training, research, and our own experience as parents and grandparents.

Are you having difficulty with chaos in your home?

Does it feel like your kids are out of control?

Are your children having a difficult time in school, at home and socially?

Is technology taking control of your life, your children’s lives?

Every family is different. Every child is different. Kids don’t come with tech manuals.

Even though kids fight against boundaries we set for them to keep them safe, they crave those boundaries to feel safe. They will test those boundaries, in effect saying, “Do you love me enough to establish and enforce rules that define boundaries consistently to keep me safe?”

Boundaries and rules = safety for a child.

Let us become a part of your team by showing you how you can create order and harmony in your family – even in this age of technology that has made parenting more challenging than ever.