Our Specialties

Every client is different and the challenges each client faces are unique.  We have several areas of specialty that allow us to help a wide variety of people deal with issues, solve problems, repair relationships, overcome the past, and move forward to a higher quality of life.

More important than the approaches we use is the quality of connection we make with our clients. That connection is established from the first session. The first question we ask our clients is “How can we be of assistance to you,” not “Let’s get a history on you.” History is important, but it comes after finding out what our client’s priorities in therapy are.

Let us partner with you to improve the quality of your life: however you define that.

Jack & Kathleen are both personally and professionally an open book, inviting you to be as involved in your treatment plans as you would like to be. Every question asked of them is not only answered but often accompanied by hard evidence of why they came to that answer so that it makes sense to you. They are a perfect example of what is possible when you are paired with some of the most amazing and inspiring individuals.