Couples Counseling

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship? Are you finding that you are fighting more than you are problem solving? Is effective communication missing? We offer couples counseling that addresses these issues and more.

We do not believe in fair fighting. In fact, we do not believe in fighting in marriage at all. We can assist you in turning issues that frequently trigger verbal volleys, into intense sharing that yields real solutions from the skills of collaboration and negotiation. We work with you to resolve the pain of infidelity, and issues pertaining to past and/or present trauma, parenting, sex, in-laws, finances, and more.

Most couples come to therapy with us thinking that their major difficulty is ‘communication.’

Poor or ineffective communication is a symptom of deeper, unresolved issues. Our recommendations come from our experience in current and previous relationships, training, and research. Our treatment philosophy is:

  • Every couple is different.
  • There are no ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.
  • Neither partner is the identified client.
  • The relationship is the client.
  • We always work from a balanced approach of neutrality.
  • We do not take sides.
  • Everyone brings to the table dynamics that create difficulty for the relationship.

Let us become a part of your team by training you to use tools that can help your relationship be more resilient and loving.